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who we are

SOFIA TECH RECRUITMENT is a leading Sofia, Bulgaria based recruitment company helping businesses scale for growth. We partner with the biggest names across sectors, while sourcing top talent to help you build your organization, faster and smarter. Our recruiters run searches on all levels from entry to executive, allowing us to be the scaling force for your revenue teams.

our process

Search Kickoff

We visit your office, experience your culture and get the ins and outs of what you're looking for


We schedule and manage the entire process so you can focus on interviewing only the best people for your business

Hire Top Talent

Take your business to the next level with confidence in your newest employees!

other services

Payroll & Administration

Alongside with our recruitment services we also offer end-to-end payroll services including adjustments, overtime, and other variables. Just press See more and explore full list of services.

success stories

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We are proud partner with two of the most exciting names in the field. A companies with cause to make Europe great again via technology and innovation and change the ecosystem with impactful teams in Sofia.


Yet another FinTech? We don’t think so. We are partnering with the global market disrupters and help them to build one of a kind teams of engineers.



Have you ever wish to be a part of a niche industry in order to deliver the best quality products? Now it’s easier than even. You can directly jump into the world of global pharmacy and make your impact.


We are excited to announce that two of the world’s most influential media outlets are now building an engineering teams in Bulgaria. An industry went to a complete digitalisation and a complete transformation. If you want to be in the mid of the melting pot of challenges this is your chance.



There is only one company with a cause, impact and full expertise in Bulgaria. Focused on North America’s radiology centres the company changes the way people experience the most critical service in their lives. By technology our partners revolutionize the world of health care and diagnosis thanks to their dream teams of engineers.





Sofia 1000, City Center

16 Gurko Str., Network Premium Offices


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