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Senior System-test / Quality Engineer

The mission of our partner is to improve human health and wellbeing via local and easy access to advanced diagnostics. The company has unique approach of bringing together pioneers in the fields of radiology and software development to create unparalleled level of services. Leveraging technology and collaborating with their own medical imaging centers, they will make an impact on a personal level for each patient and their family, as well as raise the standard for improved accuracy in diagnostics.

As part of their stellar software engineering team you will be on the forefront of that mission, as they understand and evolve the way radiology works. The company build products that are reshaping the diagnostic imaging industry.

A System-test / Quality engineer is expected to:

  • Oversee the overall quality and development of the product

  • Design and Architect a solid, easy to maintain integration and overall system test framework

  • Build the process and procedures to deliver relevant reporting infrastructure that can provide quantitative information about the overall quality of the product

  • Work with other Senior staff to ensure Quality is not an afterthought

  • Be able to write tests to ensure basic coverage of the functionality

What we look for:

  • Experience designing and delivering system test and integration testing infrastructure and frameworks

  • Knowledge of the existing best practices, tools and trends to approaching system testing

  • Strive for perfection but Pragmatism for delivery (we are still a startup)

  • Experience and deep knowledge in at least one backend technology - Node.js, Python, Java, .NET

  • Amazing communication skills

  • Experience with observability infrastructure is a plus

  • Knowledge of modern DevOps practices and tools is a plus

  • Extensive experience with Java, Spring and the ecosystem is a plus


  • Work at an exciting Silicon Valley start-up from Sofia delivering a product that will revolutionize the diagnostic imaging industry.

  • Work with exceptionally passionate, talented and engaging colleagues.

  • Help build strong culture and team from the ground up.

  • Thrive in the high-energy environment of a young company where openness, collaboration, risk-taking, and continuous growth are valued.

  • Receive a competitive compensation package with equity component and strong benefits plan.


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